Export individual audio tracks

I’m new here and I am working on my first Shotcut project. I’m a true beginner and don’t understand numbers and jargon…

I have four short video clips with audio - all synchronised. I have detached the audio from the videos and would like to export the individual audio tracks separately so that I can mix/merge them together in something like Audacity and return them as a single track. Is this possible? All attempts so far have exported all the audio as one file. Would it work to export the same thing four times but muting 3 tracks each time? Is there an easier way?

Try this.
Clear the playlist.
Select each audio track and add it to the playlist.
In the export panel, select an audio preset, export each playlist item.



Sorry to appear dim, but the files are currently on the timeline. The have never appeared on the Playlist as they seem to have opened directly into the Source. How would I remove them from the Timeline without losing them?
(I did say I was a total beginner)

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