Export in i444

How can I export In i444 color format instead of i420?

Add pix_fmt=yuv444p to the Other tab in advanced export.

However, my understanding is that Shotcut’s internal color processing is done in 4:2:2 for YUV, meaning there’s nothing extra to be gained by exporting as 4:4:4. There’s a chance that mlt_image_format=rgb24 could be added to the Other tab to do internal processing in full RGB then convert to 4:4:4 at export, but I’m not positive that would work. Dan would have to weigh in.

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Thanks! Are there any other better formats available?

That depends upon whatever the codec supports. Run ffmpeg -h encoder=libx264 and see:

Supported pixel formats: yuv420p yuvj420p yuv422p yuvj422p yuv444p yuvj444p nv12 nv16 nv21

whereas prores_ks says:

Supported pixel formats: yuv422p10le yuv444p10le yuva444p10le

It depends. Most filters and track compositing operate in RGB but some in YUV 4:2:2. If you are not using filters and compositing, you may still be affected by scaling, padding, and deinterlace. Scaling and padding are adaptive (can do either), but deinterlace is YUV 4:2:2 only. That may kick on automatically even for interlace output when source is interlace and anything affecting the source vertical resolution is involved.

If you specify mlt_image_rgb24 it tries to avoid YUV 4:2:2 but it is having to convert. Nonetheless, within Shotcut, it is still the best recommendation if you are trying to do full range, 4:4:4, or 10-bit output.

Thanks very helpful!!

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