Export in 85% or 100%?

So, I want to export/render a video. But I don’t know if i export it in 100%, the result would be a lot better. I want to hear your suggestion, is it better to export in 100% or in 85%? Because some tutorial on YT only export in either 55 or 80.85%.

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What is this percentage you are talking about? Is it the value in Quality in the export panel? (if so, it depends on your perception of quality and I presonally use 65% (crf18) for youtube)
Show us a screenshot of the panel.

yeah, it’s the video quality

Never use 100%, it will give you huge file sizes, 85% is the absolute highest I’d go if I had something extremely high quality but you’ll probably still get larger file size than the original footage.

Make some 10s tests with different values and go with what you think looks best.

but, does 100% give you the best quality? or it’s just the same with around 85%?

I doubt even professional people can spot any difference between 100% and 85%.

Here’s what youtube recommends: link.

You’ll waste time exporting very high quality and youtube will reconvert your file to shitty quality.

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alright man, thanks for the help

I can’t even spot the difference between 65 and 100…LOL… :rofl:

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@Defa_Aja For h264 coded videos you shouldn’t really need to go above 67% (CRF 17). I defy anyone to claim they can tell the difference in quality between 67% and 97% . In general, if you use a percentage higher than that you are just generating larger files for no gain.

Beware: not every device can play files encoded at 100% (no compression), but since Youtube re-encodes your video that shouldn’t matter.


To prove my point about quality 67% v 97% I exported a short video at each of these settings. I then magnified each video 2x and took screen shots. These are shown below. The one on the left is 67% (3.7MB) the one on the right is 97% (11MB). I personally can see no difference whatsoever in the quality.


Yes, I did the same comparison - using HD video close-up of a face. And about 68% I couldn’t pick the difference on my 52"TV. Even back at the default 55%, I don’t see any difference once YouTube has fiddled with it - and the files are much smaller.

Maybe if you were shooting in 4K and projecting - but for YouTube that’d be overkill.

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Very important observation. So many new users go to the advanced Export menu and think that the default 55% is low when in reality it’s high quality and like the description in the basic menu says it’s suitable for most cases.

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