Export "help" wont go away, cannot export video

hey everyone, my first time using this but I have finished my video and when I go to export it wont let me. it just says “Export Help” The defaults create a H.264/AAC MP4 file, which is a suitable for most user’s and purposes.

I cant get any further than this screen and don’t under stand how to get the normal screen I have seen on other “how to” videos.

hope someone here can help me?

Can you post a screenshot?

Hello, my account got suspended for some reason so couldnt reply! Here is what keeps coming up. :slight_smile:

You have your timeline on top of your export window.

You have to move your timeline out of the way. You have your timeline on top of the export button.
Click “Export File” name your file keeping the MP4 extension.

haha, omg, I feel so silly! Thank you so much! Its working now :slight_smile:

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