Export Freezing at 3%

Operating System: Windows 10

Shotcut version: latest ( 24.02.29 )

Everytime I export, the export process reaches 3% and then stops; changing the settings changes nothing- UNLESS- i enable preview scaling, in which it exports sucessfully. The Project uses heavy graphical effects- however the software is run on a powerful PC.


How long is the exported video?
If the video is longer than 20 min or around 500 elements than it is recommend to split the video into part videos and combine the videos in a master video.
Low RAM consumption is not a strength of Shotcut.

When this happens, you can right click on the job and view the log. The log might contains clues about why it is stopping.

The Video is about 5 minutes long, yet is split up into many small individual clips; each with a couple of effects

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