Export frame crashes application on Windows 7 with GPU rendering

Using Windows 7, on an i7-4712HQ CPU, 16GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro K1100M.
When the (experimental) GPU rendering is switched on, File>Export Frame... immediately crashes the application.
Without GPU rendering, the frame export works.

GPU processing is ‘experimental’ (as per the label) It is well known to be unstable.
Always worth doing a forum search first :slight_smile:

Steve, I think he knows it is experimental, he is just letting us know where on his machine he saw a problem with this experimental mode. It could be something that only his machine has a problem with, could be common to all machines. I did not think the export function used the gpu, so I would not expect to see a problem there. I thought the (experimental) GPU function was only used for viewing.

works for me

I’m sure the OP can clear up any misunderstanding I may have had.

@lostcowboy - you are perfectly right. Just wanted to let you know so that you can request more information if needed. I didn’t find dumpfiles so far but I could rerun a test if you give me instructions. I didn’t see any other problems with GPU rendering.

@Steve_Ledger: Actually I did a forum search first and didn’t find this issue reported. I also didn’t find any text saying that you don’t want feedback for experimental features. If that isn’t wanted, tell people about it - for example in the release notes.