Export frame button and additional options to make our lives easier

Feature request

Is it possible to add “Export Frame” button and more options like saving without a folder path window (click and it’s done, no more clicking) and choosing filetype (set default and hands off the wheel)?

For the context

I’m working in game industry and using Shotcut almost every day for a few years now. It’s an amazing tool for preparing materials for bug report tickets. Exporting lots of frames has lead me to the conclusion “but what if I cloud do it even faster?”, so I’m here and giving this request a try. :slight_smile:
If you need any additional information, I’d be glad to provide it, peace! :herb: :video_game: :ok_hand:

Not sure if you’re aware of the Keyboard Shortcut for this:
Windows/Linus CTRL+SHIFT+E

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I am, yes. Every time I export a frame I have to pick a name for it, choose a format and destination. It’s not a problem when you use it 2 times a day, but becomes really annoying when you do so 20 times an hour. I’m exaggerating of course, but in the end it comes to it. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wow, I was not aware of that. Thank you.
I do a lot of frame grabbing, to select from among them for Thumbnails and promo images on YouTube, WordPress, Patreon, etc.
Until now, I have been using VLC, which means I have to open the file in VLC…

But wait…

Yes, agree!
With VLC, it’s just navigate and click; the filename is automatic.
(Including an annoying preset location.)

So I have my own proposal.
A believe the pictures will be self-explanatory, except to note that the default would be as it is now, that unchecking “User Select” would disable the name/location select popup (the shortcut would save immediately on keypress), and that unchecking “User Select” would disable the “None” options.
Even if “User Select” was left in the default checked, one could still use the options to create a suggested starting-point name, if desired.

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If an Export Frame button were to be added, I think it’d be much better suited as one of the buttons under the player rather than at the top toolbar.

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If you are speaking of a button which takes the snapshot when clicked, as @Saderius is requesting, I wholeheartedly agree.

If you are speaking of the setup that enables these one-click snapshots (which I was discussing above), as long as it is saved by Shotcut from session to session, like most of the Settings are, I care not where the access to this setup is found. Under the Preview, in the Settings menu, it is all one to me.

An export frame button would be nice, but what @kagsundaram suggests is even more interesting in my opinion.
It doesn’t take long to do File > Export Frame or Ctrl+Shift+E but having to name the frame each time is time consuming when you do it often.

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Yes, exactly. Don’t care where the button is as long as I have some kind of setup for it. If it works as button pressed => snapshot without a single window in between then I’m the most content. :sweat_smile:

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