Export Finished Indicator

How about a progress bar for file export or other indicator to show when an export is finished?

Some exports take a long time. It would be nice to have an indication of when they have finished.

There is one, it even gives a rough indication of when it will be finished. Make sure you have View > Jobs enabled, and the panel in view (it might be in a tabbed interface, so make sure it’s the active tab - or drag it out to its own interface location);


I’m not seeing it or “the panel” you refer to.

Okay, I think the current default view is TImeline (View > Timeline ; don’t choose this if you made customizations to your UI layout already - save that first through View > Add… ), so going from there…

From the menu, choose View, and then Jobs

It should then pop right up on the right-hand side:

Also checked the other built-in layouts, and it should always appear at the right hand side when first enabled.

I see it now in the very upper right-hand corner.

Also, when you start a new Export, Shotcut opens the Jobs panel automatically. You may have closed it, or let another panel hide it under a tab. Closing this as its already implemented.