Export file takes 10 hours

So i have a 38 min video that im trying to export and it says it will take 9 hours and 40 min. Its on 4% now. What shall I do?
The video is on normal setting but i changed it from 60 fps to 30 fps

Please help

Do not believe it. It is improved in the latest version 19.06 but it still only an estimate and depends on the complexity of your project at different points in time. Don’t complain about something that is an estimate and you did not wait to confirm.
Changing fps in Export is a bad idea and should be avoided.

I’m exporting a 2mins video and the estimate time for exporting is only 11 mins. However it’s been stucked at 62% for 2 hours already.
Last time it’s stucked at 21% for 5 hours, it made me crazy and I had to stop the job.
What should I do?

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