Export File Size Prediction

I have noticed that using some filters create larger file sizes than others on export. I was wondering, if there is a way of predicting how large an export file will be? My problem is that I do 8 hour long videos, but sometimes the file size exceeds YT limits of 128 GB.

8 hours video on YT?? Who is going to watch?
Really - i think you should definetly split your videos in smaller and easier digestable parts :slight_smile:
Whats your content? - just curious :slight_smile:

In general all filters that bring out more detail like contrast and sharpening will increase file size. The more detail, the larger the resolution and the higher the framerate - the higher the file size will be.
For 1 h in 1080p 30fps in mp4 h.264 you can roughly estimate from 1 GB (with very low quality) to around 16 GB with resonable quality - of course you can always go higher :wink:

Long relaxing sound and visual effect for sleep and relaxation purpose. To be honest, I have never had a problem till this latest video.

You might want to look at this post:


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