Export file as mp4 successful, but Video didn't automatically play

Hi there,
I am new but successfully made a first try with some images and audio.

what i am wondering is how do I set the start play button automatically? I will add to my website via url which worked great but the video didn’t start automatically.

thanks in advance for your advise.

Hi @Irie_Dawta
I’ll assume that you mean that after you were done editing your video, hopefully with Shotcut, you uploaded it to YouTube, and then you added the url of the video to your website…

For autostart (or autoplay), if I remember correctly, you need to add ?autoplay=1 to the YouTube URL (if it doesn’t work, check on Google for the correct code to add)

For example, suppose the URL is:

For autoplay the URL should look like this :

You haven’t really given enough information for people to help you without guessing what your problem is. Here is my guess.

If you have put the MP4 on your website as an HTML 5 <video> element and the video contains sound, most browsers will not start the video automatically, even if you have specified the attribute “autoplay”. This is to cut down on the number of times people navigate to a website only to be “assaulted” by loud music/spoken-word.

See here for more informatiin:

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