Export Failed with exit code -1073741819

I have been using ShotCut for about a week now and am now just encountering export issues with this particular video. It fails at the same place with the message in the log reading: Failed with exit code -1073741819 .

Does anyone know what this code means? Any tips on how to fix it? Any help is appreciated, I spent hours editing this and would be a shame just to lose it all.


I do not know why. When it fails, it should report a timecode in the Jobs panel. Look around that time on the Timeline for something special. You can also search this forum for similar messages. You can also upload your project file, and maybe someone will try it with their own media.

There was really nothing different at the time stamp. I had a Normalize: Two pass applied to that fragment so I have removed that and am trying to export it.

Thank you for the quick response.

It failed again…

You said to look around the time stamp. What is the time range around the timestamp that an element could be effecting the exportability? If thats even a thing.

Okay, finally figure out the problem.

I had the video filter of “wave” on a certain segment and it was the problem. If you get this error, be sure to remove any “wave” filters.

Hope this helps.

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