Export failed, but the render is done with no error

So I created a custom video resolution, this time is a 720p portrait resolution. When I hit export, the video is being exported like usual. But on the log it says “failed”. What’s weird is the video is rendered and I can watch said rendered videos with no problem. Like the video is not broken, corrupted, or having any error in it. So I just want to ask this, is the render actually failed or is it a reoccurring bugs on the software? My version is 20.07.11

Hi @Defa_Aja
Your version is more than 2 years old. I remember the same problem happening to me quite often back then. But I can’t remember what caused the false failed exports. If you get that message right after the export switches from 99% to Fail, chances are your videos are fine.

Update to the latest version if you can.

Just be aware that that the 20.07.11 version included the Text:HTML filter, along with others ( Rutt-Etra-Izer , Swirl , and Text: 3D filters). If you make use of these you should keep a portable version of it for those projects that need it.

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Thanks for the answer, for some reason shortly after that I can export the video without it “failed”. And the reason I didn’t update my version is because my laptop can’t run the newest version. That’s why I still uses this version. Anyway, thank you for the response…

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