Export duration benchmark

I’m trying to use shotcut for some cpu and storage comparisions is there a way to see “how long” an export job took to complete? I’ve checked the log file and don’t see anything quite right for that.(I’m using windows 10 pro x64 if that matters)
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Other than the percentage marker in the “Jobs” tab on the right side, no. There is not a very accurate way to “predict” how much time an export could take in Shotcut for many reasons, but it can tell you how much progress has been made in the process.

I’m not trying to “predict” the time it takes I want to record the time it did take post process

Then, the answer is no, or use a stop watch.

Is there a way to put in a request for that feature? it could just be time stamps in the logs. I did find a way to do it comparing the created vs modified time stamps in windows at least.

Good idea to use Shotcut to benchmark CPU for video editing power :).

there should be a used time in the export list like this
Done (16 min 10 sec)

its useful to find a good mix between output profiles and which filters use more time, making it easier to benchmark might give shotcut a more broader usage by hardware benchmark sites or even hardware vendors, amd showed off handbrake at their ryzen reveal

Agreed on that, I was trying to use it in a feature I wrote but wasn’t able to get a number in time

I was actually testing storage, apparently a faster read drive saved ~15 minutes exporting a simple 4k excerpt.

oh snap my 960 evo just shipped :smiley:
good to know that i shall put source files on ssd while editing

That is actually exactly the concept I was testing! just with an older PCIe SSD I was reviewing(this one here) I tested sourcefile from it>mushkin reactor(another drive I had reviewed here) and then from a different Sata SSD(sandisk ultra II) to the same mushkin drive and the net result was this

when outputing a 4 1/2 minute 4k file
34min OWC
45min Ultra II

it seems a benchmark would be useful for finding bottlenecks and get more exposure to users via hardware review sites

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Done! I think a plugin(so not everyone would have to download it) of some sort with a standard 4k and 1080p footage would work best.

ive made this one https://github.com/nwgat/TheFireEscape
it uses python to measure the time it takes for qmelt to do its work, it measures everything thats needed to complete a shotcut project to 4k video with flac audio in mkv container

the results are in seconds

my FX-8350 gets ~262, my brand new RYZEN 1700X gets ~114 in the x264 4k test