Export does not work

Does anyone know why when I try to export my video in mp4 format it doesn’t work…xml Shotcut.txt (30.8 KB)

There is nothing wrong with the XML. On Facebook you reported the export log shows message “Failed to load: C:/Users/ …mlt” In the screenshot. I do not see the special character ż in that path that I do find in your XML. I think the exporter is unable to handle a file name with that special character. So, I hacked the code to make it use a folder with the name Użytkownik and reproduced the problem. It is a bug, but I do not have a fix for it yet. It uses your system-designated temporary directory as you can see from the export log. There are 2 workarounds:

  1. Change it temporarily when running Shotcut from CMD. Start CMD and enter:
    set TMP=G:
    "G:\shotcut editor\Shotcut\shotcut"
    (You could put this into a .bat file to run.)

  2. Change the system temporary directory in this control panel:
    Click Environment Variables

    Change TEMP and TMP to something writable like G:\ (unless that is removable) or a new folder you make on C:. Then, you need to either logout and log back in or reboot.

I managed to solve it, thank you very much.

I am happy to report this is fixed for the next version 20.09. This could potentially help a lot of people.

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