Export dialog blanks out

Distro: MX Linux / XFCE
Installed via Terminal
Shotcut version 22.12.22

Issue does not always appear. Sometimes I am able to export my edit without issue and others this happens:

As a test, can you try the portable Linux package or the Snap from our download page? This will help us know if it is a Shotcut problem or a packaging problem.

Apologies I am suffering from a minor case of pebkac with this. The portable version will not launch.

“If double-clicking the icon in your file manager does not launch Shotcut, open Shotcut.app, and try double-clicking the shotcut shell script. Do not try to run bin/shotcut directly. You may need to install JACK from your distribution. Here is a page that lists some required packages for specific distributions.”

No icon appears in Thunar for me
Opened the Shotcut.app and tried double clicking the shell script. No deal sadly

libjack-jackd2 is already installed and if I go to install libjack0 then libjack-jackd2 will be removed

I am aware of this also but have never done so

Did you extract the archive before trying to run the script?

The next thing to try would be to run the script from the command prompt:

# path-to-shotcut-extract/Shotcut.app/shotcut

Our current portable and AppImage requires at least MX Linux 21 due to glibc 2.31 minimum version requirement.

Also, we do not write the file dialog. That comes from Qt, possibly trying to use a so-called native one from the desktop environment.