Export - Defaults and Automatically matching original?

Hi. Is there a way of:

  1. Setting a default export profile?
  2. Setting an export profile to automatically detect settings such as resolution and frame rate from the original footage?


Settings>Video Mode>Automatic.

This will then set Shotcut’s export mode to the same resolution etc as the first file you subsequently import.

Thank you. I just checked and it’s set to auto and, when opening a file, does indeed make changes to the export settings. However, the resolution and aspect ratio are not an exact match.

Source file: Res: 818 x 480, Aspect R: 817 x 480.
Export settings: Res: 824 x 480, Aspect R: 823 x 480.

The source data is coming from the Properties in Shotcut.

It’s not a wide variance but the curious side of me wants to understand why the variance?

Some of Shotcut’s video processing routines require that the resolution values are a multiple of 8. :frowning:


Thank you. So, to summarise, choosing automatic means the export settings match the source (albeit within certain tolerances). Does it match all settings, i.e. container, codec etc, or just selected settings? Also, in a wider context, what is the purpose of the video mode options? The do not appear to mirror the export options.

I was under the impression that Video Mode referred to the project’s editing environment, and Export settings were separate? If so, setting Video Mode to “Automatic” would apply the attributes of the first file opened to the Video Mode, but when exported, the exported file would apply the export setting to the project.

For example, with Video Mode set to “Automatic,” if I first open a 720p clip, then add additional clips, some of which are 1080p, the project is still set to 720p; I can then export at a variety of resolutions, but whether I export at 720p or 1080p, the quality will be consistent among clips because the entire project will have been in 720p and then enlarged to 1080p (which will be blurrier than the original 1080p source files, I’m only mentioning it for the purposes of this example). Whereas if I first opened a 1080p clip, then add both 720p and 1080p clips, the project will be considered to be 1080p, and if I export to 1080p there will be a noticeable difference between the clips that had different source resolutions; or I could export to 720p, and there would not be a noticeable difference between clips.

Do I have that right?

You can’t match the original if you mix source files.
The OP wanted the export settings to closely match the imported file. Setting to Automatic will do this.
You’re coming up with a scenario where this won’t work because you’re mixing source files with different properties.

Isn’t that a slightly simplistic explanation of “Automatic,” though? It seems that Automatic affects two things: setting the Video Mode at the time of the first imported clip, and at the time of selection, setting the Export Resolution. If Automatic is selected and then the user selects an Export Preset, the resolution will change; re-selecting Automatic fixes this, but the Automatic-Export relationship doesn’t seem to be a “set it and forget it” kind of thing.

I was trying to come up with a scenario that addresses the relationship between Video Mode and Export.

Can you not match SOME of the originals? And if my understanding of Video Mode is correct, that’s exactly why I gave the example that I did – if you have source files with two different resolutions, your Video Mode may have a big impact on the finished result, even if the Export settings look the same. (I could have given an example of mixing Portrait and Landscape footage, but I hope that no one who reads this will ever have to deal with that… shudder…)

It is, yet it’s correct when applied as implied…

Again you’re describing a scenario which was not part the OPs question.
There’s no need for lengthy discourse pointing out the obvious pitfalls if variations are implemented. This just muddies the waters of the thread and is annoying.

There can be only one original. :slight_smile:
Present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest.

It’s not my intention to annoy you, Steve; when I see a question that’s been unanswered for three days (“Does it match all settings, i.e. container, codec etc, or just selected settings? Also, in a wider context, what is the purpose of the video mode options?”), and when I think I might have some insight into that, well, I try to share, to help the community. Having multiple source clips seems to be exactly when the differentiation between Video Mode and Export starts to get important.

So, if I’m understanding correctly… If all the footage sources (one or more) have common properties AND I want to export in the same format and properties etc, the automatic works well, Where my sources have mixed properties, it would serve me to consciously select an export option to negate any unexpected results.

The simple answer might be “Yes,” because Automatic will initially set the export resolution, however, realistically you will also want to consciously choose export options such as bitrate.

Personally, I don’t have a “default” export profile, I’ve made several custom presets for different purposes. I usually keep my Video Mode set to Automatic, and then use custom export presets for “YouTube1080p,” “YouTube720p,” and “RoughDraft,” depending on my source files and how long I want to wait for the file to export. Those presets have additional settings that Automatic can’t determine from the source files.