Export Capacity Problem

So I have ChromeOS and I installed Shotcut using the Linux beta. Everything works fine until exporting. It says I have 0 Mib space left and will finish the job but not save anywhere (creates a 1000/doc). I know this is a memory problem which is why I’m puzzled. I shared files with Linux so it has access to my google drive and computer. My disk has 8GB and my drive 15GB I even tried saving on a USB but I keep getting 0MiB. I’m not sure how it is out of space if these files have space. I have checked I have the latest Shotcut version, I have reduced my video to one track, I have tried rebooting, nothing seems to work. If these files have space why does it continue to say 0 Mib is there a place I need to clear? It’s about a 30-second video.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

The disk space check can be deceived and incorrect in weird runtime situations. You can ignore that dialog. Now if it does not actually write I do not know. Others have said they can use Linux guest of chrome OS. I have not tried it.

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