Export as GIF: Poor quality with the default GIF preset

I try to export GIF animations from Shotcut but the result, using the default GIF export setting, is far from perfect.


I’ve tried playing with the export settings, but nothing seems to improve the quality.

As a comparison, here’s a much better quality one I got, using this method:

  • Export as a mp4
  • Play the mp4 in VLC
  • Screen record with ShareX

Resulting gif using this method vs direct export from Shotcut:
2021-05-18_16.14.28 paste

Here’s a link to download the project folder. That includes the MLT file, plus all the PNGs needed.
I’d rather export directly from Shotcut, so if anyone can help me to find the right settings, I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Paste-Animation.zip (7.3 KB)

Why GIF? Better GIF export requires a first pass to generate an optimal palette to supply to the second pass. Shotcut does not do that, and it is none of regular developers cares enough about GIF.

Because: Need GIF

Thanks for your answer. Will use the longer path.

Just found this in the ShareX Tools menu:


Just put the mp4 file in Input, choose GIF and hit Start encoding

ShareX Video Converter will create a good quality GIF copy of the mp4


A great discovery to take advantage of free image hosting sites and to be able to share on so many sites.

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