EXPORT and Parallel processing

What is the purpose of parallel processing?
In export should it be checked or not although it is checked automatically?
In FAQ it is recommended not checked it.

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The FAQ only recommends unchecking it if you are experiencing problems when exporting. In general you want to parallel process in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to export the video.

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Thank you for your reply;
Indeed when parallel processing is checked SC takes less time to export the assembly.
The exported assembly is not the same in MP4 as the original in MLT certain animated gif scenes no longer work after having exported them in MP4 whereas they work perfectly in MLT.
Does SC process animated GIF correctly?

Apparently not when using parallel processing. There are some pitfalls with parallel processing/ In the new version 20.04, parallel processing is disabled by default. However, if you change it, the new state will be remembered until you change it again.

Thank you SC Leader for your reply.
I have checked my export and Codec is : libx264 : CFR=23 : Quality 55% : Gop 125
When I export my 35 secondes clip without parallel processing it take a long time to save it in mp4.
Yet some of few animated Gif works properly and someone not at all.
What should I do according to you to get them to work properly ?
I shall try again without parallel processing to make sure.

Did you use Shotcut to convert the animated GIF first? That is what I do when using them. Then I use the converted video just as I would any other video clip and don’t have any problems.

Thank you for your advice, I did no know I had to convert animated Gif I use them in SC as image inserted in HTLM.

Now the question is going to be how to convert with Shotcut.
I tried without success.
I don’t have the same signs as your example.
Can you explain to me your way of doing things

I just start Shotcut. Press the “Open” button. Give it the nam eof my animated GIF and Shotcut pops up the dialog asking if I want to convert it to edit-friendly.

This dialog gives the user the option to disable this dialog from appearing in the future. A more reliable way: Properties > Convert

Thanks for the tip. I’ve only ever used it for 1 or at most 2 GIFs at a time.

Hello and thank you for your response and advice.

I tried to convert my animated GIFs with Properties without success, unable to lengthen them, impossible to transform the background into PNG, they do not work well at all, the best solution is that of Sauron who tells me his method with HTLM there are on the whole very good results although some Gif does not work very well compared to others without knowing why, probably what SC leader calls Bitsfalls.

Thank you all.

The problem with putting them into HTML and using the Text: HTML filter is that the animation in the GIF is not synchronised with the framerate of your video. so, depending on the GIF animation properties, which will almost certainly vary from GIF to GIF that you are using , you will end up with sub optimal animation.

You should be able to use Shotcutconvert the GIFs individually to “.mov” files. Using these ‘.mov’ files you can anything like lengthen, shorten etc.

In fact this is exactly what happens with the HTML filter, the GIFs do not synchronize with the framerate.
I have tried several times to convert them to .mov but I still cannot lengthen or shorten them both with the mouse and by changing the duration with the properties filter.
I will try to copy them several times one after the other on the same timeline to see what will happen with the framerate and the suboptimal animation .
Thank you for your help and explanations.cordially

You can only lengthen the clip by copy-pasting it to the end and you can shorten it by splitting-deleting.

Thank you for your reply,
That’s what I did and it works great with just one Gif.
But if you want to evolve several gif in the same scene, the difficulties begins with keyframes because each gif has its own data and to evolve all this little world in rhythm requires a lot of patience, determination and precision.
Thank you very much for your help

You’re welcome, I hope I gave you a few pointers and that you manage to get the effects you’re looking for.

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