Export always showing up as "failed"

I believe that this may have been answered before, but I am not sure, so I’ll just leave my problem here:

This computer is on Windows 10 64-bit.
Everytime an export hits around the 100% mark, the Job always shows up as “failed.” Through further inspection, however, it seems to be perfectly fine. No other inconveniences followed.

Could this be a glitch or is something actually wrong with the export function?
Thank you in advance.

Yes, either, from the description it sounds like the export child program has crashed while cleaning up (releasing memory, closing files, etc.). This happens frequently with complex software and is generally harmless because whatever the program fails to clean up the OS does. So, why does a program bother to clean up after itself? In many cases, there are programming constructs such that when something is no longer used it cleans so that when you are changing things in memory (i.e. editing) it does not waste resources (e.g. memory leak). Besides the posterity of cleaning up after one’s self, many of these self-cleaning constructs may get executed at then end automatically.

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