Export a video with a different format because of black bars

I’m working on a project with the following resolution: 960x540
I’d like to export the video at 960x422 because the video has black bars up and down and I want to delete it.
But when I export my video in the 960x422 resolution, it resize the video so the video is smaller and I’ve black bars all around :crazy_face:
Could you please help me

Either start the project with correct picture size, or export and then crop the exported file.

Thank you for your answer. How can I crop the exported file please ?

Open exported video in a program that can do that: Shotcut, Handbrake etc.

Hm, I’ve just tried to change properties of the loaded project in Shotcut and it works. Make custom project preset with properties that you need and change current project to it. It should work.
Of course, you will need to crop all the clips in the project, either individually or put the filter on the whole track.

Finally it’s done, thanks to you !

I was not able to change properties of the loaded project in Shotcut
I tried to convert file in Handbrake but the result was not good (poor quality picture)

So here is how I succeed :

  1. I’ve exported my video from Shotcut with high quality parameters : Presets / Loseless / H.264
  2. I’ve opened the file in Handbrake. The crop is automatic. Nice.
  3. I’ve exported it from Handbrake with high qulaity parameters : Presets / Production / Production Max
  4. Then I’ve created a new Shotcut projet and inserted the handbrake cropped video in it
  5. Last I’ve exported it with standard parameters. It’s ok

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

At first your aspect-ration is non-proportional and your exportet file must be slightly distortet.

Think of some maths:
960/530=1.78 - so it’s 16:9
960/422=2.27 - a circle becomes ellipsoid.

No need for steps 4 and 5. Just export from Handbrake file with required properties if you don’t do additional editing.

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