Exploding Filter in SC

Hi Guys, is there an exploding text or image filter that’s available in SC? What i am trying to achieve is a lower third image or text coming in and then on fade out it explodes. Just wondering if this is possible in SC

Look for After Effects or some 3D-animation tool. I’m afraid, SC doesn’t offer that.
You could instead fade it out and at the same time blow it up with “size & position” filter - of course its not
the same but similar :wink:

It does!

(search “exploding text” on this forum for more threads).

I’ve no time to fully explain now, but it can be done with HTML/Webfx and @elusien’s filter. You need to use it with SC 20_07_11 or earlier though.

DEMO of exploding text, made very quickly (don’t have much time!):



Unzip file.

Explosion TEST by Elusien adapted Jonray.zip (30.6 KB)
Use Shotcut v. 20_07_11. (NB multiple versions of SC may be install
ed on your computer.)

Put a transparent (or colour) clip on V1.
Make it about 10 seconds long.
Apply the Text:HTML (deprecated) filter.

Check “use webvfx” option.
Click “Open” and select “Explosion.html” file.

Play. You get the text explosion effect.

Export as a mp4.

Re-import into SC and trim the beginning and end as required.


You can change the background colour to transparent by editing the HTML file, by adding a X to “purple”. You change the text by changing “Shotcut Is Awesome” to words of your choice. You can change the font by changing the word “Arial” to a font you have installed. Also change font size.

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Excellent Thanks Jonray. Will look into that.

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Beside “explosion” (example here: https://elusien.co.uk/shotcut/webvfx/Explosion.html), my WebVfx framework also offers “fragmentation” (example here: https://vimeo.com/268484362 or here https://elusien.co.uk/shotcut/webvfx/Fragmentation.html) with “defragmentation” as an option.


Hi @elusien - of course - I’d forgotten about your Fragmentation effects. Here’s a quick demo I just made with a SUBSCRIBE image I knocked up. It’s great!

Elusien’s Fragmentation effect FILES.zip (58.2 KB)

(Just to repeat, it will only works with Shotcut 20_07_11 or earlier).

Thanks for the info, guys - good to know! :slight_smile:

The fragmentation part is also very nice!

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