Experiments with 100% built-in Shotcut

Starting with a noise generator, I added pitch modulation,
and in the Master Track I added audio-for-video effects, blur, glow, reverb, etc…

Features an animated bandpass filter on the noise that also drives the audio-for-video effects

XP.mlt (13.9 KB)

Please open the MLT file and reverse engineer for ideas.


Hi! That’s pretty neat!

I don’t mean to hijack, but just given the name of this thread, I thought I would throw in another experiment that you can do 100% within Shotcut.

Posy released this video recently for a technique he calls “Motion Extraction” which can be achieved with a very simple combination of color invert and opacity filters in shotcut. This is especially easy since shotcut form composite video from the tracks that have content overlapping in time.

I would post a video of my own using shotcut, but I think it would be more satisfying for everyone to just try it for themselves. It’s so easy!


Wow, that’s crazy cool looking.

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