EXIF / Metadata Editor?

I use Lightroom to manage/catalogue my photos and video files and noticed my Go Pro footage comes up as “Unkown” for camera make and model.

I cannot edit this value in Lightroom or Windows Explorer so I’m on the hunt for an editor. I’d be grateful for any recommendations.


Just Google it. Or choose from one listed here:

Thank you. Tried Googling but struggled to find editors that deal specifically with video file types. I’ll check out the list. Thanks again.

This is a good question, but I do not know either. Please share if you find!

This is the Exif editor par excellence.
Present in numerous utilities that are listed at the bottom of the page (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
I use Geosetter for photographs.

For date modifications on videos, I use ExifTool Gui for Windows.
W10 does not allow to change the date (created medium) of the Video Details tab. I tried several applications that didn’t work. Finally, with ExifTool Gui for Windows, I was able to circumvent the restriction.

Thank you. I had looked at Exif Tool but, erm, couldn’t work out how to use it… I hadn’t realised there were GUI apps developed as front-ends! Thank you! Unfortunately the Go Pro files do not seem to have a meta field for the camera model that Lightroom seems to refer to for the image library filter. I think I’m going to concede defeat but thank you for all the suggestions.

I don’t know the content embedded in the GoPro file, so I can’t even see alternatives.
I found that Exiftool has several Lightroom plugins. Maybe you can see if one works for you.
The use of Exiftool is by commands, I suppose there will be some command that allows you to generate the camera model label.
Here is an example to change the model of the image scanned with a Noritsu scanner and that previously the camera model did not appear in the EXIF information.


Using the following code ~$exiftool -model=“sam’s camera” ff4204…jpg (ff4204 is the file name of the photograph), the user managed to include the camera model (sam’s camera) in the EXIF data of the file.

With Exiftool GUI, introduce in “Exiftool direct” inside Exiftool GUI the code

-model="sam's camera" filename.mp4

I seem to remember that the file name cannot have hyphens, in separations, only under hyphens.(example: filename_01.mp4)

-, I managed to add a random camera model inside the XMP format (Extensible Metadata Platform).
I don’t know if lightroom can handle this.
Tomorrow I will try to record the procedure to show it to you.
I did the test with a .mp4 file (HEVC), because I don’t have GoPro files.

The problem with GoPro video files is that they have much more metadata than usual (including metadata changing over time), and existing data structures holding embedded metadata were insufficient. Therefore, they created and published a metadata format called GPMF. Unfortunately, I think they put nearly all metadata in there and probably not redundantly per other standards. exiftool is able to read some of these but not write apparently. Perhaps, Lightroom is not reading GPMF.

Ahh, I see GPMF (GoProMetadataFile). I guess at some point there should be some transparent application for the user, to see, use or even edit the metadata.
It is logical to develop a format that, for example in the video, appears the location, in a static video this value does not change, but in motion is a variable data.
Perhaps GoPro applications (Fusion Studio or Quick desktop) can read this GPMF format.

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