Everything is Slow and without Sound

I have been using Shotcut for a couple of years now. I even just finished a project two weeks ago. However now, even after reinstalling shotcut, the videos I try to play are played at a slow pace and with no sound at all. No matter what video I use. This was working just great for me up until today. Like I said I re installed, reset my computer, checked out the forum, but I couldn’t find an answer. Please help. I love shotcut, I just need to fix this so I can work on my videos.

What is Settings > Realtime in the menu? Also, in Settings menu, is Use JACK Audio turned on?

I have tried checked and unchecked. No difference. Where do I find Use Jack Audio.

This is a huge differences from other lags I have had. It overall plays incredibly slow with no sound at all.

For most people, and per defaults, Realtime should be on, and JACK Audio should be off. You can also run the installer and choose the checkbox to remove the Shotcut settings from the registry, and this might reset something. This will make Shotcut forget about all Recent files, and you need to be able to locate them again by navigating the hard drive.

I cannot find “Jack Audio.” You said it was in the settings? I just reinstalled shotcut as you said and it seemed like it was able to forget the settings. However it’s not making any difference.

Forget about JACK. I forgot I removed that option on Windows. I do not know. Things change all the time in computers and software. Problems come and go. You can an older version from here:

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Yes, i got same problem, i have used Shotcut for a few months, before last week it worked just perfect. But now no matter how many times i uninstall and install again everything goes wrong.

I found that there is Jack Audio for Windows via https://jackaudio.org/, but I don’t know if it is better in terms of performance. It can also handle ASIO.
Yesterday I made an attempt to run Jack Audio on W10 for other audio applications using https://kx.studio/Applications:Carla-Control
but I couldn’t get it to work as well as in Ubuntu Studio.
I was looking for a way to not rely on ASIO for low latency because it is restrictive to one application at a time.

It is disabled on Windows because on Windows, if there is no JACK or it is not running then Shotcut was crashing our call to open it inside the JACK DLL. Quite likely that is resolved since we updated that DLL, and I will have to retest it.

It’s not a request or anything similar, I just wanted to link to your comment about how everything in the software world is changing all the time and the developments around it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I must try more about Jack Audio in W10. Understand how it works and sees if it can be something useful and practical for me.
Maybe Jack can be the way to use VST2 plugins in realtime inside Shotcut, through a host like CARLA (I mean W10).
Or maybe I’m talking nonsense. :sweat_smile:
Come to think of it, I can try this on Linux with other sound modifying plugins (I tried with meters only).

Perhaps, but stuff like that cannot get saved to a Shotcut project. You can put them in an audio editor project, and synchronize the two when running at the same time.

I guess it was a silly idea, but as I’ve been researching the audio filters included in Shotcut, I see that they have some interesting applications. :slightly_smiling_face:

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