Every video starts with a clicking noise

When I edit shocut videos, there is a clicking noise in the audio at the start. I’ve noticed this happening alongside the software always wanting to start at 00:00:00:01 instead of 00:00:00:00. It’s very frustrating and immersion-shattering.

Any tips on how to fix?

Without knowing anything about the file you are trying to edit, perhaps it’s a variable frame rate video.
Try converting the file to Edit Friendly.

Click on the file, then Properties.


Other information may be needed if converting didn’t solve it.

  • Video Mode FPS setting
  • Source file FPS
  • Audio information of source file
  • Shotcut version number (Help - About)

Hello @Michael_G
What kind of videos are these?
Is it possible that it is not the video editor but the recording? Check your videos, e.g. with audacity.
With the Panasonic G9, for example, there is a short silence (9 frames) at the beginning of each recorded video and then a short crackling sound.

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