European Hamster Video with stabilization

I did use the standard stabilization tool to improve the partly handheld video recorded with amlost all the time 600 mm equivalent small format zoom on this video.
The standard settings of this filter turned out to be unusable, but setting the quality to maximum, setting the shakiness to fit to the video and applying the smoothing (the only zoom you need) to a reasonable value did improve the video sequences a lot.


That does look quite stabilized. Can you please share your settings so I can add them as a stock preset?

For the default settings I do recommend for shakiness 4 and not 6. If this value is set to high, it adds shaking to the video especially if there are moving objects on it.
Please rename Smoothing to (relative) Deshaking Zoom.

I find that if the camera is static, meaning standing still and shooting handheld, Shakiness 6, Accuracy 8, Zoom 0 and Smoothing 0 gives an almost tripod like stability.
If the camera is moving, meaning handheld pan or walking, Shakiness 1 or 2, Accuracy 8, Zoom 0 and Smoothing 40 gives good results, if that is of any interest.

Hi DeJay,
you are right that this default setting cannot be the best for all videos.
A high shakiness factor has the potential to ruin the stabilization or make it worse. The high accuracy settings needs a lot of extra processing time and it is only improving the result without side effects. This wild hamster videos really need the highest accuracy settings because of the movement from the grass caused by the wind. If the back-round is a building than the accuracy maybe can be set significantly lower.
I guess a low shakiness number will deal with the vibrations in the video (as long as the accuracy is set high enough) and high shakiness numbers are for walking or extreme focal length like in this case.
So far I did understand the smoothing factor 100% means that it will zoom so much in that it results in a theoretically stable video by the analysis. If the original video is not shaky at all there is almost no zoom by smoothing 100%, otherwise the zoom can be extreme like on my cut hamster videos.
A high smoothing setting with 30% or more should be a default.
100% accuracy should be default.
The shakiness should be between 2 and 4 by default in my opinion.

It took me some time to do tests and arrive at these settings, which I have saved as presets, making the default settings immaterial. Different cameras and/or stabilisation types or settings are likely to reguire different Stabilise settings. Also, we all shake at different rates and intensities so no default settings would be suitable for all.

No harm in asking though! :grinning:

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