Estimation of Computational Cost for different filters

Is there some overview or estimation guide on how costly different filters are from the computational perspective.
Often there are different methods to achieve similar results in a clip.
As responsiveness and lag at certain points of a project always seem to be become an issue, it would be interesting to know which of the approaches would end up in the smallest computational impact.
Experience shows that some filters seem to have more impact than others.

Let me give you an example: There are many methods to achieve “Explanatory text appearing smoothly on a certain position of the screen”
Method 1: Text-Simple + Fade In
Method 2: Text Rich + Fade In
Method 3: Method 1 + 4 Keyframes on Size
Method 4: Method 3 + Opacity and 4 Keyframes on it’s Level
Method 5: “Typwriter like text” mp4-video of identical length & Resolution created in external tool and pulled into timeline + Fade in

Such an overview or guideline would be really helpful to estimate the relative increase in computational effort and to draw conclusions like,
“Using Text Rich causes effort of factor x compared to Text:Simple”
“Adding a Keyframe on Size increases effort by factor y”
“Using an externally created video is less/more costly than applying a series of filters on “Open Other” Color or Text”

And in end users can decide if the fancier result is worth the additional effort.

Maybe it would also help to have some sort of indicator in the filter menue, like:
Filter1 … $
Filter2 …$$
Filter3 … $
Filter 4 … $$$
Filter5 … $

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