Error while exporting, exporting fails

When I export it doesn’t make any file and it takes 0 seconds

I’m on Manjaro linux

log.txt (38.8 KB)

Can you try the official portable package from the Shotcut website?

Let us know if the problem persists with that package.

still with the same problem

This is a known problem with the Arch package we do not control. You might be running the portable incorrectly. Do not run bin/shotcut.

how do you run the portable then?

no need, figured it out

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Do you want to share how you figured it out in case others have the same issue?

I think he/she meant that he/she figured out how to run the portable version of Shotcut, not why the export failed.

Possibly I suppose

I think he/she meant that he/she figured out how to run the portable version of Shotcut, not why the export failed.

Yes, I did. I didn;t figure out why the export failed.

Now I have another problem, when I finished exporting it, it doesn’t show any video at all.

it only exports audio apparently. When I open it in vlc no video or black screen is shown, and audio can be heard normally. Any idea what the problem could be? If I import it into Shotcut, it only shows an audio track, meaning no video track was exported.

Open your original project, the one with the video track, click on the video clip, open the “filters” panel, so we can see what filters are applied and take a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window and post it here. Then click on “export” and then on the “Advanced” tab and take a screenshot of the export panel and post it here, then we can see what your parameters are.

I had this happen once; in that instance, I had accidentally clicked this box on the Export choices.

Here are the images:
Image 1

Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


I have that box unchecked

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Try it with Use hardware encoder unchecked.

I have had similar strange results when I checked the Use hardware encoder and selected a set of video parameters different from the default.

If the requested resolution - 3840x2160 - has not been programmed for your GPU with the current drivers, it will simply give up. Usually then the CPU takes over, but not always.

From your screenshots I see you are using the Hardware |Encoder. Many users have experienced what you are seeing (audio and no video) when using hardware encoding.

Uncheck this box and try software encoding instead. I’m reasonably sure this is the problem.

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ok, I will try that

This solved the problem, Thanks for your help! @Elusien thanks too!

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