Error when Exporting (Screenshot attached)

Hi all

I installed Shotcut a day or two ago. I downloaded the latest version from their website. Am using the software on Windows 10.

For the past few hours, I have been editing some videos. In fact, I was able to complete and export the first 3 videos. They were just minor editing (cutting out some parts and changing audio).

And then, I started working on another project that was a bit more tough. Not too tough for many but probably for me. In this video, some of the edits I have done are including a background audio, some sound effects audio, transitions, filtering, timeframing some audio and video sections and such.

When I tried to export the video, I experienced an error. The export would start and get to around 20% and then it would abruptly stop and show me a “Failed notification”. I have already tried the following:
-Restarting the software
-Restarting the Computer
-Running the software as an admin
-Resetting all export settings to default
-Many other suggestions I saw online

And just to be clear, there was no changes I made either to the software or computer between the time I exported my last successful file and the time when I started having the problem.

I have attached the screenshot from my log hoping it might have a clue as to the source of the problem

P.S. I have uninstalled and re-installed the software but the problem persists.

The screenshot shows it failed at 00:00:04:00. Go to that point in your timeline and see what is around there that might be causing a problem. You can temporarily remove or disable things to see if it clears the problem.

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