Error message on opening older mlt files

Hello all,

after updating Shotcut from 19.06.15 to 21.01.29 every mlt file created with the older version causes an error message:
“Shotcut noticed some problems in your project. Do you want Shotcut to try to repair it?”

Regardless of what I choose (“No” or “Yes”), the project file is opened and seems ok. Why this message?

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The support for certain filters like Text:HTML and others have been completely removed in the latest version. Try the previous version, and see if the mlt files open correctly.

You may find it benificial to keep a copy of 19.06.15 available(the portable zip version would be fine) for projects like this since as @Somenath_Garai mentioned certain filters have been deperciated. old releases are still available on github.

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Thanks for your replies!

Therefore I’ll try version 20.11.28 …

But strange that on the releases page of Shotcut under version 21.01.29 the removing of several filters is not mentioned …

This version shows the error message, too …

Use 19.06.15

The filters were removed earlier, much before 20.11.28

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