Error in displaying transition between two images

Hi everyone, I’m trying to get some help in my shotcut journey. I’ve been trying to add a (Disolve) transition between two images that I previously scaled and used X and Y offset on (both). But the result that I get is just catastrophic.
When I overlap two images with no Scalation or X and Y offsets, the transition works fine. But otherwise the results are just a disaster.
Is there anything I need to do first before I overlap the two images?
Pleas help!!!
Forgive my terminology, I’m not native English speaker.

It could be that you are affected by the bug described here:

So far as I can tell, there is no fix to Shotcut available at present.

If this isn’t your problem then post a full screenshot of your Shotcut window with the playhead positioned at the middle of the transition. That way people can have a better understanding of what you mean by

I think the issue is that you’re using preview scaling.

This is a dissolve transition between 2 images. Used RS filter on both and scaled and offset the X and Y. Preview scaling set to 540.

Same images with preview scaling set to none.

The exported project works fine. The preview scaling affects the preview in Shotcut not the export.


I have two SVG graphics that share the size and position of the included draws.
I made a transition (dissolve) between those images.
In the preview, the image moves to the right (or shrinks to the right) within the transition. When you return to the image clip, it returns to the original position.
This happens in the preview (proxy and 360p scaling).
It does not affect the export, so in the final video file, the images remain in place all the time.

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