Endlessly Over


Time for a normal video of mine. :smile:
A video with …, … for, …, just watch it for yourself.
I hope you can enjoy Endlessly Over .


Really nicely done. Love the piano music. Who composed it?

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Agree with jonray! Very sensitive and music fits well. Specially like the raindrops slowmo :slight_smile:

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And @RilosVideos

The music is always listed in the Outro. :smile:
But here for short: We’ll Meet Again - Jeremy Blake (to find in the Mediathek from YouTube)

I like that music too (of course). I always try to find a piece of music that will (mostly) fit. This one is the one out of six songs, which found the way into that video.

I’m glad that you like that video. :smile:

Best regards

Oh yes, that shows I didn’t watch right to the end! I did watch 99.9% of it though … honest! :rofl:

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