Encoding - what is it?

I’m a complete novice at this but have crated a 9 minute video which is enormous. I’ve read on the forum about encoding, but haven’t a clue what this means. Also, on the tutorials there is a sequence about encoding, but the version of Shotcut that downloaded doesn’t have this functionality. So even if I understood what I did I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Can anyone take pity on me and explain a little bit and maybe help me to find encoding in the ShotCut I downloaded?

Thanks in advance

Named “export” now
Just use “Youtube” settings

In simple terms: en-code (to pack) de-code (to unpack)

It’s where the word ‘codec’ comes from.

.MOV .MP4 are types of ‘containers’ into which the codec ‘packs’ your video and audio streams.
A media player uses a similar codec to ‘unpack’ the video and audio streams from the ‘container’ in order to play the file.

Thanks I’ll give it go!

Thanks, that helps my understanding a lot!

That might help. Export is in the same spot with this version as with the current version. The settings are for youtube export/encode, but I think it explains a bit about if you’re not exporting for that specifically.

Ah, now that’s really helpful. Thank you so much. I’ve learnt such a lot today!

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