Encoding TS file too slow

I found encoding too slow when I work on TS file. For other format like mp4, encoding speed is ok,
but TS file too slow. Anybody else has such problem?

You haven’t given enough information.
Anecdotal comments are all that helpful. Tell us more about the files you are working with, tell us about your computer specs, which OS and which version of Shotcut.


MP4 = MPEG 4 container. This adheres to the rules set out in the MPEG standard.
.TS = Transport stream. This is meant for very specific ways of embedding and handling an mpeg-2 or h.264 stream for transmission ; It’s often used in broadcast cases.

Transport streams are very specific beasts and were never designed for editorial use - merely playback. Even though the content and compression can be the same, the container/format is handled differently than mp4.

You can transcode your TS file using Handbrake before editing them in Shotcut.

Encoding speed depends on many factors but the Export > Format field is very unimportant. When it comes to Export settings, the biggest factors are: Deinterlacer (if used), Interpolation, Parallel processing, and Video Codec.