Encoding(gpu) in LinuxMint is faster than in Windows 11

I just noticed that encoding in Linuxmint is almost twice faster than doing it in Windows 11. In Linuxmint 3 minutes and 20 seconds, in Windows 11 it’s 6 minutes and 2 seconds.



System Specs

CPU: AMD 7950X3D
Ram: 64GB

I was going to change my AMD gpu to an Nvidia gpu as it was slow on windows 11, but now I realise AMD performs better in linux. I’ll just use Linuxmint instead of Windows 11.

File Size after encoding:

Linuxmint: 20.9GB
Windows 11: 20.9GB

Even better with the Latest Kubuntu Linux 3 minutes and 12 seconds


I assume this depends on the drivers, if the project is identical then most likely Shotcut has no control over how well AMD implemented the encoding engine. It probably even differs on each kernel/driver version.

Good to know. Use whatever is more convenient and fast for you.

Yeah I’m not exactly sure why the AMD gpu is faster on linux? But I just tested the latest MXLinux KDE and it’s even more faster 2 minutes and 58 seconds.


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