Enable proxy only for specific clips

I think it would be useful to be able to individually enable proxy for certain clips in the timeline, most of my projects have a mix of clips of different qualities with different effects and 90% can play back at original quality so there’s no need to proxy.

But sometimes I set a 4K hevc clip to play at 30x and obviously that’s not gonna play smoothly on any system unless proxy is on, but I don’t want to toggle proxy on and off just for it.


Here is how to do today with reverse logic. With proxy enabled, and you want to add a new clip but without a proxy: open the clip in the Source player, choose Properties > Proxy > Disable Proxy. Now, add the clip to Playlist or Timeline from Source (via drag-n-drop, buttons, or keyboard shortcuts–NOT via the file manager, Recent, File > Open, or Playlist > Add Files).
Alternatively, with proxy disabled, select a clip you do not want to proxy and choose Properties > Proxy > Disable Proxy. Repeat as necessary and then turn on proxy.

I was actually thinking of this, I saw the Disable Proxy option/exception and immediately thought, oh, maybe there could also be an “exception” the other way around.

If starting from the begining this could work as a workaround, but I’m too far in at this point. It would be a nice to have for the future though.