Emojis, smiliies, etc!

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I didn’t see this suggested anywhere!
I love how we can put text and change text font, and how it looks, and shades of it, etc… but sometimes… a smiley face :grin:, frown face :frowning_face:, cry face :cry: :sob:, think face :thinking:, confused face :confused: or many other faces :crazy_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :expressionless: :no_mouth: :dotted_line_face: :smirk: :angry: :astonished: :sunglasses:

You get the idea??? Sometime faces of any kind available from Emojis is all we need once in awhile! They can also be GREAT visual blockers for stuff on screen that we don’t want shown, but don’t want to BLUR or destroy the image or feed, nor cover half the screen with a Cover wind of sorts… Give us options of stretching, and rotating, and specific positioning, and fading opacity, all or most of the options we have with text (i don’t think changing the color shades of an emoji would be necessary, but others may even want to change Emoji color shades, so even include those options)… and all these can come available as Filter inputs like that of Text. The possibilities could be ENDLESS with what we could do with emojis visible on the video, I couldn’t possibly think of all of them here… I would love EMOJIS available… Don’t stop at facial expressions either, emoji objects and animals, and other MEME ideas would be great to add on a video at any time!

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This is not exactly what you’re looking for, but with an Emoji picker, paste it into the Text: Rich filter.

Example (Windows 10)

Google search for “Emjoi Picker” and “Emoji Keyboard”.
I used an Emoji Picker Firefox extension for this example.


The bundled Glaxnimate (see Open Other) has a special emoji feature where you can choose an emoji style to download and then browse them. This is also our general recommended means to support vector drawing clip art and with 2D animation. You can find emoji influenced stock animations too on sites and download them as JSON and use them as any other file based asset in Shotcut. See our Tutorials and Resources web pages.


I’ve been meaning to ask about the road map. The team has pretty much completed the priority stuff and I’m wondering if the road map can be updated to reflect what the current priorities are?

Thank you for the tutorial, Dan! :smiley: :smiley: :+1: :+1:


However - some don’t work in Shotcut.
@shotcut, I tested several, and results were not as expected.

See this video. I have added a screenshot of what the animations for nos. 1 -3 should look like (I cannot re-find the original source of no.4 but it is clearly incorrect…) :

I wonder if this is a problem with the JSON file, or something in Shotcut?

Also, I found out there is a maximum download limit of 10 for the free plan.

Thank you guys. Different useful ideas. I will look into it more… though I’m not a tech guy! I don’t like spending a lot of time in the setup to put things where needs and use fill ins or add apps, or whatever is needed… I’ve always enjoyed Shotcut cause it included everything I needed without having to add extra stuff. For now, I will try to figure out how to include the ideas mentioned. I think Shotcut would be that much more awesome if they included emojis and/or 2d plug in animations as filter options, built right into the program already… in the future!
Maybe something the developer would consider??

It’d be like using Text with a specific Text Font type; not having to plugin an external text plug in… cause the Text Simple/Rich is already there as an option. I love adding Text to my videos at times, but I often think If only I can add Smiley’s, the video would be so much more rich with emplied emotions using emojis and smileys. Again, I’ll consider trying to adapt what was suggested here, for the meantime, but as many have already Liked this thread, I think it would be a GREAT improvement in future updates.

Thanks again!

To be clear, the videos I make… I use images I edit from GIMP, and audio voice overs I edit from Audacity, and screen video recordings I edit from OBS Studio… all rendered projects that Shotcut can use, and I add those as needed, and build my video, mostly showing video game experiences, and use filters to edit those inputs… but for all intensive purpose, everything I need to edit those input files… is mostly on Shotcut, and Emojis and 2D animations would be great improvements!

You are referring to Lottie and other animations, but the emoji feature included in Glaxnimate is independent of that. It is common that an interpreted file format like XML or JSON is going to have some compatibility issues. A point is with Glaxnimate it is easier to address that than editing the source text. Heck, even tools have compatibility problems at times between versions, Shotcut for example. I am not at my computer, but look deeper in the menus for the emoji feature. I think it’s in some Insert submenu.

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Glaxnimate is included and integrated with Shotcut. You should have at least looked at the tutorial I embedded above. This was taken from our Tutorials page.

Once you download them to your computer, you can delete them from your “workspace”.
No real way to one-click download the files.

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Is there a setting I need to activate first?

It was disabled on Windows in version 0.5.4 upgrade. I filed an issue about it. The last version of Shotcut where it worked on Windows is 23.07. I will try to restore it for the next release.

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Thanks @Hudson555x for the tip. I will try it.

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