Embedded HTML for Formatting Subtitles/Captions? Seeking Suggestions


I’m looking for some insight on Shotcut in projects where I need to plot many subtitles/captions with special formatting.
On version 20.07.11 presently.

The Text: Simple filter does not have the formatting and effects I desire (As far as I tried, but maybe I am missing some extensions?).

I am able to get the text manipulation and effects with the deprecated Text: HTML filter, and I would like to continue using HTML/CSS code and formatting to source my subtitle formats if possible. But for each new subtitle caption I am having to create a new HTML file.

Is there a way to embed the HTML code into the filter like Text: Simple does?

If not, is there a way I use an HTML template filter in a copy/pastable clip? A way that either creates and sources its own HTML file, or lets me dynamically change the body text of one HTML file?


The next version 20.09 hides the Text: HTML filter and adds a new Text: Rich. It is not as expressive, but the HTML technology needs to go away. This filter embeds its markup in the main project file but also it has Save As and Open functions where Open inserts the title for embedding and does not link to the file. Also, this filter you can copy and paste and modify in each instance without worrying about them all using/affecting the same file.

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Thanks for the response, that option sounds great!

To brace myself, what differences might Text: Rich have compared to the old CSS properties? I’m mainly concerned with the CSS WebKit properties like -webkit-text-stroke, and the ease of inserting text styles in the middle of lines.

There is a huge difference because it is not a full (but old) HTML5 engine.


I know you will not like it, but I must abandon the dated and unsupported HTML5 technology that was used in order to upgrade Shotcut’s more important main library. You can keep the current version to continue using it if you want.

Having to lose the CSS feature set is indeed unfortunate.

In any case, I look forward to trying the Text: Rich filter. The Qt Rich Text capabilities do look sparse, but it is worth waiting and trying out.

Thanks for the details, again

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