Embed item from a picture into a video clip

I have a picture of a nice lamp, and I want to embed only the lamp, ‘shaved’ everything around it, on some video clip.
I can clean everything around the lamp with some image editing program (paintshop pro) and save only the lamp on some plain colored background.
I guess I have to remove somehow the colored background.
Is it possible to do it with shotcut, if yes then how to do it, please.
Answers will be appreciated.
Shotcut version 20.04.12

Yes, Shotcut can do it using the Chroma Key filter, specifying the color of the colored background as the one to be made transparent.

However, it would be easier if, in Paintshop Pro you exported the image as a PNG with a transparent background instead of the coloured one and used this in Shotcut.

Thanks for the answer.
I made a try and it works !
Still have to do some practice.
Thanks a lot again.

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