Elusien's CSS/HTMLanimation generator/converter - possible bug

Note to @elusien : I found a couple of issues (bugs?) with your css3 generator.

  1. Keyframes data field: If you copy/paste keyframes data but include a space or spaces before the first @keyframes text, an error (“badly formed keyframes data…”) appears. (However, pressing OK then does allow you to go on to generate the Javascript).

  2. Animation data field - if you include two or more “returns” after the last curly bracket of the last animation data (ie. at least one blank line) (which is easily done when you are copying and pasting), you get an error message (“badly formed animation data…”). However, in this case, pressing OK doesn’t allow you to progress.
    I spent an hour scratching my head about this, wondering what was wrong with my animation data, until I finally twigged.

Do you think it’s important enough to either re-write your code, or maybe add a sentence about this in your instructions? Cheers, J

Jon, I am not in a position to look into this at the moment - having to deal with a major family issue. I promise I’ll try to get round to it as soon as these matters settle down, but it may be a week or so.

Absolutely fine, @elusien - so sorry to hear of your private circumstances. Of course, this is not important. Family is. Take all the time in the world. Best wishes. J

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