Either updating to v18.07 or adding video track ruined the audio?

I got Shotcut a while back but didn’t touch it. I think it was version 18.05? I decided to finally make a video with it and genuinely enjoyed it, seeing all the cool things I could do with it. I started working on another video, and noticed I could update it, so I did. Afterwards, I noticed the audio became absolute garbage. The video had a second video track, so I figured that might be it. What I don’t get is how a second video track could ruin the audio of basically the ENTIRE video, despite the fact that the second video track is only used once, maybe twice in a small section. To find out if this was it, I started a new project and messed around with it. It seemed to have the exact same problem once adding footage to V2, although maybe not as bad.

Though it’s not always THIS bad, it’s basically the same throughout the entire video. Thankfully, this problem does not appear in the exported video.
It could simply be a solution as simple as “get a better computer, the end.” But if you know if it’s because of the update or video track I’d like to know. I really enjoy Shotcut and if it weren’t for the absolute horrid audio that you see here, I’d dare say it’s the best damn free editor out there.

EDIT: I should mention the reason I went to update in the first place was that the Size and Position filter was being buggy as hell so I had hoped updating it would fix it. It didn’t. (OS is Windows 8 64-bit)

EDIT 2: I reinstalled version 18.05, and the problem completely vanished. I have no idea what was added that would make it mess up like this, but I found the solution. thanks for the help…

I think you are experiencing the same audio stutter problem that has already been reported about version 18.07. That bug only affects the preview (playback within the app) and not the export. It was already fixed for v18.08 due August 1.

Thanks for letting me know why, I’ll try out the next update when it comes out.