Effects on the sides of videos

Hello everyone
i hope it’s ok for me to ask

i’m quite new to shotcut and i was wondering is there an effect that can add like white fadeing effect on the sides of a video?

Like this

You could experiment with the gradient filter,


thank you for the answer
How did you change sides of gradient i’ve only managed to get it on the left side,

You can also add a white clip to the top track and apply a mask: simple shape filter to it.
Adjust the different sliders to get the desired effect


He used two Gradient filters, one for the left side and one for the right side

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Ok, i managed to do it, thank you
sorry for stupid questions i’m new to editing

I don’t think it was a stupid question. I actually learned something too from this topic.

Of the 2 methods I prefer the one suggested by @Namna since it only requires a single filter, one that is also easily keyframeable. I have added a short tutorial:

to my new Youtube channel:


By the way, I just doubled your subscribers amount :slight_smile:

First step towards that shiny Gold YouTube button

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Thank you - only 999,998 to go. I’m expecting to hit that before the New Year.

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999,997 more

Wow! At this rate I’ll be opening my Youtube golden tablet with my other presents on Christmas Day.

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