Editor playback of some stabilized videos are leading to crashes

What is your operating system?
Manjaro Kernel 6.4.2-3 (i5-9400, GTX 1660 Ti, 32 GB RAM)

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
The crashes happens in the middle of a clip without warnings.
I was not able to enable the GPU effects and try it with them for this project.

How did you install this version? I have not experienced it yet.

I am using the official Appimage to be able to switch between the versions if bugs are present.
With the older Kernel 6.3.12 the monitor did freeze always on the same point.

The kernel version should not have anything to do with with. Do not bother with GPU because this filter is not on GPU, and it will actually be much slower to transfer the video to GPU RAM and back for the CPU-based filter. I am doing some more tests, but it is not something I use much anymore (I mainly use late model GoPros that have excellent stabilization).

I cannot be 100% sure if this Bug is in the stabilize library from Shotcut or in the Manjaro video playback/display function. Previous I also had some mysterious display freezes while surfing in the internet. Rendering videos for hours or analyzing the stabilizing to videos with two instances for hours does not crash the PC.
As an animal filmer a wide angle GoPro can mainly only be used as a hidden standalone camera. I do need the full flexibility from 37-600mm equivalent focal length of my stabilized FZ1000 and most time I am using it on a video tripod.

I have not reproduced it yet. I tested with a 1080p video where playback can be fast to more intensively exercise multi-threading as well as 5.3K where it is very slow but more memory and cpu intensive. Is the export with stabilize reliable?

I am stabilizing 4k videos and the export is stable running. Usually when I do start a new video I am adding all source clips uncut to the video (the longest uncut was 50 min long) and start the stabilizing by exporting this in a 1080p video and say yes for the analyze stabilizing question. This needs hours. When finished I do start the cutting, color grading, zooming and add music at the end.