Editing video and audio track simultaneously

Is it possible to have a video and audio track, one on top of the other, and make edits to them at the same time?

no i dont think so

Effectively, yes. I do this by turning on ripple edit and ripple all tracks. On the video track only, I put split points where one good segment ends and the next good segment begins. The dead air in between, I right-click and remove. Ripple causes the video and audio to both collapse in sync. I don’t know if that suits your needs, but it works great for me.


What is an example of an edit? Just a cut or a filter? If it’s just a cut @Austin’s way is the way to go

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Yes; essentially just a cut. That way will work as long as I don’t have any other tracks that need to stay put.

Turn on the track lock icon for those tracks. They will not be affected by a ripple edit. I often lock background music tracks but enable cutting on dialog tracks.

I also use this general technique for multi-camera footage.

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