Editing the XML

Hi all.
When i render the file, i can view the XML code of the file.

  1. If i add real_time="-1" to the line, what will it do?
  2. What is real_time actually?
  3. If i go for -2@-3 etc will it crash?
  4. How about incresing the value?

Thank you.

The number set in real_time determines the number of threads that will be used:

  • -1 = use one thread
    • This is the safest and most likely to provide good results
    • This is also the slowest
  • -x = use x threads
    • More threads will be faster
    • Some features do not work well with multiple threads. If you use more than 1 thread, check the output to make sure it is good

In the export settings, if you choose “Parallel Processing”, Shotcut will automatically set real_time to a number that matches the number of cores in your computer.


@brian thank you for the info.

Actually, in addition, it is capped to 4 due to diminishing returns as the number gets higher.

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Can i render the .MLT without Shotcut?

Yes, if you save the export job XML to include the output in a <consumer> element. You can pause the Jobs panel to prevent running the job but still enqueue the export to get the job XML. Then run the melt executable against with the environment variable LC_ALL=C. If you do not want to include the consumer element in the XML, then you need to add more to the command line and see the MLT docs:

Nice. Thanks.

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