Editing RAW Drone Footage to Gopro

Newbie here, I’ve been attempting to create a video using GoPro 7 and drone footage. I shot the drone videos in RAW format after enthusiastically reading about the wide range of color correction during post editing. However my GoPro footage was shot in regular mode with the normal color spectrum. Now I’ve been stuck trying to match the RAW drone footage colors to the GroPro and never seemingly able to get a perfect match.

Are there any default corrections I can apply to make the RAW drone footage look similar to Gopro? At this point, I’d just like the colors from the Drone and Gopro to look consistent when I combine both into a movie. Or is there any other software which would do it automatically? Thank you!

Search for a (3D) LUT for your raw drone footage – one that will convert it to Rec. 709 (aka BT.709). If you find it, you can apply it using our LUT filter. At that point, since your GoPro may be using default enhanced settings that may boost saturation and contrast you might to be able to adjust one to the other.