Editing is not working


I am trying to edit and it is not coming out.

What do I do I have downloaded the new version.

Please help.


We need a bit more information.
We don’t know what you by “is not coming out”. I can guess you are trying to Export a video.

If you haven’t already watched the tutorials for Shotcut, your answer may be in the videos.
If you have a question with any tutorial feel free to ask in here.

You first need to help us by explaining much more than you have.
Simply saying ‘x’ is not working makes it impossible to help you.


I am trying to text on the new version on the key frame and it is not responding.

When I text it is not showing from the video it had said to hit the down button four times that is not happening.

Is it possible to go back to the old version.


Current version (as of today) 18.05.08 is the only version with Keyframes.
Older versions are found here: https://github.com/mltframework/shotcut/releases/
A newer version is coming out in a few days I believe.

If you do have version 18.05.03 installed, this version is no long available for download as it was fixed with 18.05.08.

For future help with issues, please disclose version number, computer specifications, operating system, specific features that you’re struggling with. Provide screen shots, or even upload a video of what you’re experiencing. All of this will greatly speed up solving the issues you’re having. If you choose to not provide any information, you might not get a response.

Thank you.