Editing frame content in a clip

Shotcut newbie …

Recorded a stage presentation recently and the dancer suffered a ‘makeup malfunction’. I am trying to figure if I can fix it in the video file. I need go frame by frame, and use something that can interpolate neighboring pixels to brush out the spot. Major issue is the dancer is moving around a lot so the spot is not fixed going from one frame to the next.

Is there a filter (or technique) that allows per frame editing?

Any suggestions on how I can fix this mess?

Just a few tips…
To move frame by frame you edit in the timeline using the arrow keys to move to each frame.
And back up your work often, even renaming your project like V1, V2, V3…
Just run a trial section on a a few seconds to see if you like the results.

As far as what filters, I have no idea. Others in here may have some experience with this.

You could conceivably do it with Shotcut using the mask filter and advanced key frames. It’ll require a lot of work though.

Here’s how it could be done. You’ll need 2 video tracks with the video on V1 and a color clip on V2. Use file> open other> color to open a color clip and put the clip on V2.

Using the properties menu of the color clip change the color to match the color of your subject. Use the pick screen color option in the select color dialogue box to change the color.

Then using the mask filter you can cover the blemish. You can use advanced key frames to keep the mask moving frame by frame to cover the area.

You might want to look at DaVinci Resolve. It has motion tracking. However it has a very steep learning curve.

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Thanks guys. I’ll try out the mask filter … sounds promising.

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